A r s t i l é

Ryusei Hattori / 6 string bass
Ayuko Ikeda / Percussion

2016年からは、ドラムの村上”PONTA”秀一氏と、Arstilé meets PONTAというトリオの活動もスタートさせ、各地で人気を博している。

After six string bass player, Ryusei Hattori and  percussionist, Ayuko Ikedai made their first concert in 2015 a great success, they named this novel duo Arstilé, means “The style of Ayuko and Ryusei”.
Then they have had many concerts throughout Japan and have attracted rave reviews.
Since the collaboration between these magical bass and percussion musicians creates a unique sound which transfixes the audience.
In 2016,  Arstilé started to play and have concerts as the trio, Arstilé meets PONTA, with a world famous drummer, Shuichi ”PONTA” Murakami who has evaluated their music highly, and they also have gained a good reputation.

Ayuko Ikeda 池田安友子


また、Fried Prideや佐藤竹善など様々なアーティストのライブやレコーディング、Eテレ「シャキーン!」などにも多数参加している。
2013年5月 長野県白馬でフィールドレコーディングをしたパーカッションソロCD「こだま」発表。
Arstilé の他、percussion performance Beat JACK、三田村管打団?、メンバー。

《池田安友子 オフィシャルサイト》http://ayuko.jp

The deep thinking Ayuko Ikeda elegantly combines power and sensitivity in her music. 
Graduate of Osaka
Univesity of the Arts – Performance/Percussion Stream. 
She plays in over 150 concerts a year across genres and across borders both within Japan and abroad. 
She also conducts workshops and instructs students in various locations. 
She has appeared at the Stockholm Jazz Festival, the Rochester Jazz Festival, and at
the University of Chicago, played both live and on recordings with various artists including Fried Pride and Chikuzen Sato, and recorded for television programs.
In May 2013 she released an album Kodama (Echo) of solo percussion field recordings from Hakuba, Nagano. 
She is also a member of the percussion performance group Beat JACK.
From April 2015 she has been active playing as in the duo Arstilé with 6 string bassist Ryusei Hattori and is currently touring Japan with the country’s most recognised drummer Murakami Ponta Syuichi as Arstilé meets PONTA.